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RMS blue slips

Southern Highlands Service Centre are an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme (AUVIS) Inspection Station in Mittagong, meaning we are certified to provide (AUVIS) Inspections, or “Blue Slips” as they are commonly known.

A Blue Slip Inspection report verifies the safety of an unregistered vehicle, while making sure it meets design and identity standards. This includes vehicles where registration has expired or for inspections of vehicles before purchase

A Blue Slip is essentially a Roadworthy & Safety Inspection report for unregistered vehicles and is required prior to registering a vehicle in NSW that is either unregistered or does not have NSW license plates (i.e. – vehicles bought interstate or overseas for use in NSW).

You may also require a Blue Slip to clear a defect or adjust records or if your car has been unregistered for more than 90 days. Book your blue slip inspection with us below.

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