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Read more about Why only qualified technicians should perform wheel alignment procedures here.

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What is a Wheel alignment?

Put simply, the term “wheel alignment” refers to how well the wheels on your vehicle are aligned relative to each other, as well as to the centre line of the vehicle. While alignment settings can differ between manufacturers and models, all vehicles are designed to deliver precise steering and braking responses - but only if the wheel alignment angles are correct for that vehicle.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment
• Increased fuel economy.
• Prolonged tyre life.
• Braking and steering response is improved.
• Straight-line tracking is improved, and driver fatigue is reduced since the overall driving experience is improved.

Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment

Maintaining the wheel alignment on your car is an integral aspect of its overall maintenance and upkeep. However, this very important step is often ignored or skipped until the first symptoms of poor wheel alignment show up in the form of ruined tyres. Here’s some common signs to look out for…
• Uneven or accelerated wear on the edges of your tyres
• The steering has a “mushy” feel or has become less responsive.
• If your car’s steering wheel pulls to one side.

When should you get a wheel alignment?

Obviously, the best time to get a wheel alignment is when noticeable symptoms of poor alignment are present, but there are also other “best” times:
• When you rotate the tyres
• When you replace one or more tyres
• When you replace standard, steel rims with lightweight alloy rims.
• After any maintenance or repairs on steering or suspension systems - both front and rear.
• When you perform any modification that alters the vehicle ride height or weight distribution.

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Why do wheels need such precise aligning?

If one wheel is facing even slightly right while the other three are angled straight ahead this creates ‘pulling' from that wheel, over time this creates irregular tyre wear which affects your steering, suspension and the general safety of your vehicle. Wrongly aligned tyres have  controlling your car altogether. It's not ideal to have difficulty steering when you might be cruising in your car down a freeway or even when zipping round city corners, but seriously dangerous if you face an emergency situation like having to brake or swerve suddenly to avoid an accident on the road.

Why don't tyres stay aligned?

There many things that can ‘undo' your cars wheel alignment. Basic wear and tear, rough driving, potholes, curb hits and speed bumps all affect your cars wheel alignment.

What signs to watch for to tell me that my car needs a wheel alignment?

If your wheels go out of balance you might notice them pulling to one side, or it may feel like your car is swerving side to side, your steering wheel might be feeling ‘unbalanced' or if you notice that your tyres seem to be wearing down unevenly on the sides, or if one tyre is balding more than the others. Much of the time, the decline of your wheel alignment happens so gradually you don't notice the change in the way your car drives - but you will certainly notice the sudden improvement once your tyres get properly aligned.

Southern Highlands Service Centre perform Wheel Alignment and Balancing on most makes and models - if you car needs a wheel alignment please call us for a quote or fill in our contact form today.

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